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Frequently Asked Question

Who is our customer?

Professional users are managed directly, or through the sales network. For professional users , (who have a VAT number), we sell with a minimum order of 500 euro, tax excluded.

For individuals, or for those who want to buy small amounts for test, is available the online shop , accessible from the link to the left of each page (only for Italian market until further notice, sorry). Home users will see prices including VAT ; professional users , by a prior registration and proof of licensing later , will see the prices reserved for them , net of tax.

Orders and order confirmation

For every order received by professional users, we will issue an order confirmation , which must be reviewed and signed by the customer for acceptance. The preparation of the order starts from the date we receive the order confirmation accepted , which will also serve as a contract for the purposes of art. 62 , paragraph 1, of the Law Decree 24/01/12 , n . 1 , converted with amendments by Law 24/03/12 , n . 27.
Orders entered in the online shop are deemed accepted with payment.


We ship by fast and reliable couriers.

Requests for quotation

The quotation requests must be received in writing (email or fax ), indicating full details of the applicant company , the products for which listing is sought , the amount about , and the requested place of delivery. We cannot give quotes over the phone, or respond to incomplete requests.


The supply of samples and certificates of quality of products is free of charge for those who are already customers of ROMA FINE FOODS. For sample requests from those who are not yet our customers , you will be asked to pay in advance to cover the cost of the samples and shipping fees. In the event of a subsequent order , this amount will be deducted from the amount of the purchase. In any case , the samples may not exceed the amount reasonably required to verify the characteristics of the product.

Private label program

The full range of our products can be packed for you with your own private label , with great flexibility and also for small amount of product. It's possible to personalize the labels, both in terms of graphics and language used, paying a fee that will be disclosed in relation to the kind of request. For more informations please contact us directly, sending your request to :


If you did not find here the answer to your questions, or for more informations , you can contact us directly, by sending your request to: